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Act Up, Stand Up

revolution is not a spectator sport

“Reform will come and only come through the building of mass movements and alternative centers of power that can overthrow — let me repeat that word for Homeland Security — overthrow the corporate state. If we fail to sever these chains, we will become like many who did not rise up in time to save their civil society’s human chattel. This means we too must defy the law and engage in civil disobedience.”

-Chris Hedges


Cast Aside the Elites




There can be no change until we come to terms with the truth about our bloody history and about our present path to self-destruction. 


“The challenge remains. On the other side are formidable forces: money, political power, the major media. On our side are the people of the world and a power greater than money or weapons: the truth.”


-Howard Zinn

​No Truth, No Change


We Have Allowed Ourselves To Be Schooled




What we accept is what will continue. 


As Jill Stein says, we are the ones we've been waiting for. We must become active participants in our government, and demand more of our legislators.


With roughly 325 million Americans, we have the power. All we need to do is learn how to use it. 


Demand Better



About This Website

We must become citizen truthers

#BecomeUngovernable TRUTH does not claim to be the "be all" in truther sites. It is merely an acknowlegement that we cannot move forward with change until we know the truth about our nation's history. The truth is that we have all been fed a diet of revisionist history for a pretty long time. Our children are being taught even bigger lies than we were.


This site is acknowledgement that we must pursue the truths of our history, those truths must be revealed, and we must come to terms with those truths. We have outlined those historical events in our history. If you would like to suggest others for inclusion, please write us at


As we state elsewhere on this site, this is an organic, dynamic site that will change quite a bit as our political landscape changes. We welcome the input of our users. It makes our efforts stronger.


Getting this far has taken a considerable amount of time and effort. Research is grueling and time consuming. Please consider donating to our efforts. No amount is too small.


​Thank you.



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