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There are some things that we know. We now know that there is a pedophilia problem in Hollywood. You can take down all the Twitter posts you want, but they never really go away. We also know that there is an equally big, yet-to-be-revealed pedophilia business in Washington, D.C. Let's get real here. Do you really think people like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, Kevin Spacey, and Prince Andrew fly on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express to his island, Little St. James  (called Orgy Island by many), for a nice, relaxing weekend of golf? You can find these names and others in the PDF copy of the Lolita Express flight log to the left. If you do not wish to download a copy, then you can go here to my Scribd site to see the flight log online.













Let's Start With the Basics


Who is Jeffrey Epstein? Epstein is an American financier and, as of 2009, a registered sex offender. It is unclear how Epstein came into his millions, although he did start his career at Bear Stearns before starting his own company. Like many other things about Epstein, it's a shady situation. He is friend to many in high places in both Hollywood and Washington. In 2008, he was accused of running a sex slave operation, including recruiting and forcing dozens of underage children to sexually service the elites, many of whom have already been mentioned above in the opening paragraph. 


No doubt due to his many connections in high places, Epstein received a sweetheart deal and pled guilty to a seriously watered down charge of "soliciting prostitution and procuring a minor for prostitution." He received an 18-month sentence, but served only 13 months. 





#Pizzagate is #Pedogate

Call it what you want; it's pedophilia


Download the Lolita Express Flight Log in PDF Format here.


Jeffrey Epstein, registered sex offender.

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