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The Systemic Criminal Abuse of Children Around the World



It is hard to believe that people still think that #Pizzagate or #Pedogate, or whatever in the world you want to call it, is a vast, made up conspiracy theory.  That's what they wanted us to believe about Watergate, Filegate Travelgate, Cablegate, and various other "gates" throughout history. By any other name, pedophilia is a very real problem in America. In fact, it's a worldwide industry. It's nothing more than a profitable business for those pulling the strings. As has been proved time and time again, at the heart of every evil enterprise is what is called money and power, and the Catholic Church is not immune to that. This section will focus on #ChurchToo, and the widespread abuse of children, and the continuous cover-up of these crimes, by the Catholic Church.


For those who prey on the young by participating in such acts, call it what you will. A mental illness? A disease? An affliction? What is known is that there is no cure, so every pedophile is dangerous to children all of his or her life. What it is not is an "orientation." 


It is bad enough that there are still plenty of people who keep their heads in the sand about this issue. They don't even want to hear the word much less have a conversation about it. Yet, pedophiles have always been part of the landscape. Most people just pretend they haven't been. For me, it really hit home when the Catholic Church abuse story finally broke. That was when I really started paying attention.


I remember the story breaking wide open in The Boston Globe, when the newspaper actually practiced the lost art of investigative journalism. It was huge and, at the time, I didn't think it was happening anywhere else but  here. The story broke through the Globe's Spotlight team, which inspired the 2015 film of the same name. This is, in fact, the last movie I've seen in a theater. I confess that I really wanted to see if the priest I'd known who had abused many children was included in the film. He was. As it turns out, Reverend Bernard Lane was one of the most virulent pedophile priests in the Boston diocese. Another was the Reverend Paul Shanley.


I knew Lane because I went to college with his niece. I'd often see him at her house packing up the car to take a bunch of young boys up to the family vacation home in

New Hampshire for 'retreats.'  A bunch of us went up to his family's vacation home in New Hampshire for a week at the end of our senior year, and I discovered his bedroom on the lower floor. Let's just say it didn't look like what a priest's room should look like. Much of the abuse happened at that location, in addition to Alpha-Omega House, a residence for troubled youth in Littleton, Massachusetts.


The PDF docs to the left will show you how the Boston diocese managed to continually assign Reverend Lane to positions where he had direct contact with young children despite his continued abuse in just about every location.


The Real Catalyst for the Spotlight Team


Yet, the real catalyst for the Globe's Spotlight Team was a victim named Phil Saviano who, believing he had only a short time to live because of AIDS, turned down a five-figure settlement from the church that would have bought his silence.


Although a minor player in the movie, it was Saviano's tenacity that provided the evidence the team would need to expose the depth and breadth of the church's pedophile scandal. 


'He was grooming us,' Saviano told Daily Mail Online in the living room of his cluttered second-floor apartment in the Roslindale area of Boston.. 'The priest figures out ways to get closer to either the child or the parents.


'That gives him an opportunity to know what is going on in our family and in school. I felt pretty lucky that this guy was taking an interest in me. 


Saviano was talking about Father David Holley, a priest in his mid-30s, who was appointed to St. Denis Church in Douglas, Massachusetts. Saviano's abuse by Father Holley began just before his 12th birthday. It lasted for 18 months, until Father Holley suddenly left St Denis Church. Saviano tried to put it all behind him, but at the age of 40, he saw a small article in the Boston Globe about Father Holley, who had been accused of abusing boys. 


That was when he realized that the abuse wasn't just directed at him. Father Holley had been accused in Denver, Colorado as well as four cities in Texas (El Paso, McCamey, Amarillo, and Garden City).


Although his character may have had a small part in Spotlight, the movie, this article in the Daily Mail tells his story quite completely.


Self-identification symbols used by pedophiles. For more details on pedophile symbols and definitions, click the button below.

Reverend Lane's downloadable documents


Phil Saviano, who turned down a church settlement that would buy his silence.

A Worldwide Scandal of Enormous Proportions Still Unfolding


United States

Boston isn't the only Catholic diocese in the Unted States with a pedophilia problem. There's Baltimore, MD; Manchester, NH; Davenport, IA;  Louisville, KY; Bridgeport, CT; Philadelphia, PA; and Fort Worth, TX. The Bishop Accountability site is a treasure trove of information on this topic, including files and documents. The church will, of course, look for excuses anywhere but within its own walls. 



It broke in June of 1994 when Catholic priest Brendan Smyth pled guilty to 17 counts of assaulting five girls and two boys in Belfast and grew from there. Like elsewhere, the government helped to cover up for the Catholic church. A 2009 report stated that rape and sexual molestation were endemic in Catholic-run orphanages. In 2017, a mass grave of babies and children was found at Tuam care home.





In Australia, it is alleged that 4,500 children have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of pedophile priests. Broken Rites Australia has documented many of the pedophile cases in Australia. In Canberra, the most senior Catholic cleric, Archbishop Philip Wilson, was convicted of covering up the abuse. In 2017, Pope Francis' top financial adviser, Cardinal George Pell, returned to Australia to face charges of multiple  cases of sexual assault.

Nightmare in Philadelphia



In August, 2018, the state of Pennsylvania released an exhaustive grand jury

report revealing that 300 "predator priests" had sexually abused nearly 1,000 children over 70-year period. Moreover, the report maintained that the Catholic Church followed a "playbook for concealing the truth" over that period. 


The report reveals common practices designed to keep the abuse private within

the Catholic Church, rather than reveal the crimes to law enforcement, including:


  • "Never say 'rape'; say 'inappropriate contact' or 'boundary issues.'"
  • If a priest is removed, "don't say why. Tell his parishioners he is on 'sick leave,' or suffering from 'nervous exhaustion.' Or say nothing at all."
  • "Even if a priest is raping children, keep providing him housing and living expenses, although he may be using these resources to facilitate more sexual assaults."​
  • "For an appearance of integrity, send priests for 'evaluation' at church -run psychiatric treatment centers."
  • "Finally and above all, don't tell the police," but treat it like it is an internal personnel matter.


Essentially, the report shows that the church held very little concern for the

victims of these heinous crimes, and a relentless drive to cover up the facts and keep the

church's reputation intact. The entire list of names is here


In response to the report, the Vatican expressed "shame and sorrow" over the Pennsylvania grand jury report. The Pope himself was not quoted directly, however, and this response is pretty much the standard fare. 


The report also accuses the current archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, of helping to protect some pedophile priests while he was bishop of Pittsburgh. In response to this revelation, many Roman Catholics are now putting pressure on Wuerl to step down. True to form, Wuerl has asked priests to forgive his "errors in judgement" as the  public pressure for his resignation mounts. Wuerl was heckled as he tried to address the scandal during his Sunday mass on September 2.


Statewide Investigations Elsewhere


In Kansas City, local attorney Rebecca Randles noted that 228 priests across Missouri and the  Archdiocese of Kansas City have been accused of sexual abuse. Their victims have joined with her to announce a statewide investigation in Missouri similar to the one in Pennsylvania.


Said Randles, “So it details that there is an even greater issue in the Kansas City, St. Louis, Missouri and the Archdiocese of Kansas than what we’re seeing out of the grand jury report out of Pennsylvania."


The Circle of Secrecy


On page 299 of the Pennsylvania report, the following diagram is shown. The grand jury describes the diagram as having come directly from Cardinal Wuerl as the game plan to avoid discovery of the crimes and subsequent prosecution.










Pressure is mounting for Cardinal Donald Wuerl to resign. The PA report accuses of Wuerl of protecting pedophile priests while he was bishop of Pittsburgh.


Reverend Francis Bach. The red flags were there, but that didn't stop the church hierarchy from moving him around, and allowing the abuse of children to continue.


Reverend George Koychick faced multiple charges of sexual abuse while alive. 


Reverend Herbert Shank was the subject of multiple accusations of child sexual abuse. 

More on the International Front




In May of 2018, all 34 bishops offered their resignation over the sexual abuse scandal in the catholic church.  Pope Francis himself said he mishandled the situation.  By July, 158 members of the Catholic church were under investigation for either perpetrating or covering up the sexual abuse of both children and adults.  Public prosecutor Luis Torres stated, "The vast majority of reported incidents relate to sexual crimes committed by priests orpeople linked to educational establishments." A 2,300-page report showed that the Chilean hierarchy covered up and minimized abuse cases, destroyed evidence of sex crimes, and pressured church investigators to discredit abuse accusations. 




Does anyone really know the depth of this scandal in Italy? Not likely.  the Italian government has a treaty with the Vatican that guarantees immunity with certain officials, such as bishops and priests. Three former students have claimed abuse and 65 former students signed statements saying that they or other students were abused by Catholic priests when attending the Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf, a Catholic school for deaf children in Verona, Italy. However, L'Abuso, an Italian association for the victims of paedophilia by priests, collected figures from court data. to produce this map.



In the UK, there have been allegations against priests in the Archdiocese of Liverpool, Southwark, and Birmingham, as well as the Diocese of Shrewsbury and Lancaster. as well as Arundel and Brighton. There was abuse at the Buckfast Abbey Preparatory School, and Belmont Abbey. In the Diocese of Middlesbrough, James Carragher, principal of the former St. William's residential school, Market Weighton, owned by the diocese, was jailed for 14 years in 2004 for abusing boys in his care over a 20-year period.  The principal and chaplain were also given prison sentences in 2016. In total, over 200 students at St. William's say they were abused.




Victimizing Nearly An Entire Generation of Native Alaskan Children

The stage was set when Russia sold Alaska to the United States in 1867 for $7.2 million, and U.S. Catholic missionaries began pouring into the new state with conversion on their "to do" list. The missionaries arrived and built their first mission in St. Michael in 1899, followed by their first church a year later. In the early 1900s an influenza epidemic wiped out about 60% of their population. It is at ths point that the missionaries start seeing success in their 'conversion' of the natives.


Sometime after 1949, Father George Endal, who serves in Dillingham, met a gentleman named Joseph Lundowski.  All that is known about him is that he served in the Army in World War II under General George Patton in North Africa. He was also briefly a Trappist monk and a netsetter in Alaska. Endal named him a "Brother" without church authorization and placed him in charge of the boys' dormitory at the Holy Rosary Mission School in Dillingham. Years later, there would be allegations against Lundowski. He would be the first to inflict abuse.


In 1956, father James Poole, S.J., is given his first assignment in Alaska as pastor in the native villages of Mountain Village, Pilot Station and Marshall. 


Up until 1983, these three men would embark on a lifetime of abusing children throughout Alaska. By the time Lundowski and Engal leave the region, nearly 80% of the town's children are molested or sexually assaulted. Both die in 1996.


Father James Poole is sent to the Servants of Paraclete in New Mexico in 1994.  This is a Jesuit-run psychiatric facility for "troubled" priests. Not much is known about him after this time. In 2003, he is sent to a Jesuit-run retirement home in Spokane, Washington.  


In November 2007, the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus settles with 110 Alaska Natives for $50 million, including those in St. Michael in Stebbins. It would cover the abuse of Lundowski and Endal, and several other Alaskan priests. In January of 2010, the Diocese of Fairbanks agrees to pay victims $10 million. It is also stipulated that Bishop Donald Kettler personally apologize to more than 300 victims. 


Click the button below for a detaiiled timeline, including a complete cast of characters and details of settlements in the Alaska Native abuse.







Download a copy of the confidential 1962 Vatican document outlining the church's policy on sexual abuse.


In September 2004, Father Jim Poole testified about the sexual abuse allegations against him.  

The Gang of Four


Pope Benedict

Pope Francis


Download a copy of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano's 11-page letter here.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

As devastating a development as the Philadelphia abuse report is the letter written by the retired Vatican ambassador to the United States, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, alleging that both Pope Francis and Pope Benedixt XVI knew as early as 2000 that disgraced former archbishop of Washington, ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, regularly invited young seminarians into his bed. ​


Although Pope Benedict eventally sancioned McCarrick in 2009/2010 to a lifetime of penance and prayer, he was subsequently rehabilitated by Pope Francis in 2013 soon after he took office  even though he was told about McCarrick's situation. Pope Francis accepted McCarrick's resignation in July 2018 after an investigation found credible evidence that McCarrick had abused a minor. 


Subsequently, another man has come forward alleging that McCarrick began abusing him at the age of 11. Several seminarians have alleged that he  abused and harrassed them while they were in the seminary as well.


Pope Benedict XVI resigned on February 28, 2013. Only two other popes have resigned in the past. Pope Celestine V resigned in 1294, while Pope Gregory XII resigned in 1415. Rumors about Benedict's retirement being tied to church sexual abuse dogged him after his retirement. A documentary released this year on his 91st birthday disputes that as a reason for his retirement, citing failing health as the reason.


In 2010, Benedict was named in a law suit which alleges that he failed to take action as a cardinal in 1995 when he was supposedly told that a priest had abused boys at a U.S. school for the deaf. The case was withdrawn by the lawyers in 2012. This was seen as a major victory by the Vatican, proving that the pope cannot be held responsible for criminal actions committed by priests.


However, Pope Benedict was allowed to live in the Vatican after his resignation. This gave him immunity from any prosecution that may arise from the Church sexual abuse scandals.  






“Holy Father, I don’t know if you know Cardinal McCarrick, but if you ask the Congregation of Bishops, there is a dossier this thick about him. He corrupted generations of seminarians and priests and Pope Benedict ordered him to withdraw to a life of prayer and penance.”


-Vigano to Pope Francis

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