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​Julian Assange is the most important truth-teller of our time. He has spent the last six years in exile in a 30' x 30' room in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, a prisoner for telling the truth.  Stepping outside the embassy would certainly result in his capture by the UK government and extradition to the United States to be prosecuted for treason.


In the post-9/11 world all the rules have changed. Those who were not "of age" prior to the event and the passage of the Patriot Act do not understand how many of our freedoms have been lost. In their eyes, we are free and we have nothing to worry about as long as we're not doing anything wrong. I know. I have a millennial. I've spoken to millennials. Now, you are a criminal for telling the truth; for exposing governments that have no business operating in the shadows without consent of the people. That is Julian Assange's crime.


Imperial America will tell you otherwise. Imperial America lies. We should know that by now. How many times do we have to be faced with that reality before we believe it?


What is WikiLeaks?


WikiLeaks  is an international non-profit organization that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media provided by anonymous sources. Its website, initiated in 2006 in Iceland by Julian Assange and the organization Sunshine Press, claims a database of over 10 million documents in 12 years since its launch.


WikiLeaks is known for its high integrity, and has never had to retract anything it has published. It has won a number of International awards, including:



  • In 2008, Index on Censorship presented WikiLeaks with their inaugural Economist New Media Award.
  • In 2009, Amnesty International awarded WikiLeaks their Media Award for exposing "extra judicial killings and disappearances" in Kenya.
  • In 2009, Ars Electronica awarded WikiLeaks an Award of Distinction in the Digital Communities category.
  • In 2010, TIME Magazine Person of the Year, People’s Choice (highest global vote) and the Sam Adams Award for Integrity.​
  • In 2011, Walkley Foundation for Journalism awarded the "Most outstanding contribution to journalism" Walkley Award to WikiLeaks.
  • In 2011, The Sydney Peace Foundation Gold Medal, the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, the Blanquerna Award for Best Communicator, the Walkley Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism, the Voltaire Award for Free Speech, the International Piero Passetti Journalism Prize of the National Union of Italian Journalists,[167] the "VII José Couso Press Freedom Award" from Colexio Profesional de Xornalistas de Galicia and Club de Prensa de Ferrol and the Blanquerna Faculty of Communication awarded the "Blanquerna Best Communicator Award" to WikiLeaks.
  • In 2012 the Privacy International Hero of Privacy.
  • In 2013 the Global Exchange Human Rights People’s Choice Award, the Yoko Ono Lennon Courage Award for the Arts and the Brazilian Press Association Human Rights Award.
  • In 2014 the Kazakhstan Union of Journalists Top Prize.


Although people have varying opinions of what the greatest WikiLeaks leaks of all time are, there have been a number of celebrated releases. These include Cablegate back in 2010, both the Clinton and Podesta email dumps, and the Collateral Murder videos of Chelsea (then Bradley) Manning.


In recent months, Julian Assange has been vigorously targeted by the United States and its allies, and the reason for this renewed effort to apprehend Assange is the release of Vault 7, which reveals the scope of the CIAs global hacking program, and its malware arsenal. It also reveals the CIAs weaponized attacks on Apple's IPhone, Google's Android and Microsoft's Windows phones, as well as Samsung TVs, transforming them into covert microphones. 


After putting pressure on the tiny nation of Ecuador, which has offered Assange refuge all these years, Ecuador has cut off his contact with the outside world. In addition, doctors who visited him in January of 2018 expressed concern for his health and describe his condition as "dangerous."









WikiLeaks Greatest Hits


The Podesta Emails

The Clinton Emails

Cablegate and Public Files of U.S. Diplomacy


A searchable archive of over 30,000 emails and email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton's private email server while she was Secretary of State. This comprises 50,547 documents.

This release of U.S. diplomatic cables began on November 28, 2017. It consisted of classified cables to the U.S. State Department by 274 of its consulates, embassies, and diplomatic missions around the world. The cables  were dated between December 1966 and February 2010.  The Public Library also includes the Carter and Kissinger cable files.

A searchable archive of emails to and from John Podesta. Podesta is a longtime Clinton crony, serving as Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff from 1998-2001 and Hillary Clinton's Campaign Chairman in 2016. 


The Gitmo Files

Trans-Pacific Partnership Files

Collateral Murder

On November 16, 2015, WikiLeaks released a searchable and highlightable text of the final Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, which had been negotiated in secret by President Barack Obama.

On April 5, 2010, WikiLeaks released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad -- including two Reuters news staff. This was the information released by Chelsea (then Bradley) Manning. 

WikiLeaks shines the light of truth on a notorious icon of the Bush administration’s "War on Terror" — the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, which opened on January 11, 2002, and remained open under President Obama, despite his promise to close the much-criticized facility within a year of taking office.

A Worldwide Effort to Free Julian Assange


Julian Assange has been hunted down and then under siege in the Ecuadorian embassy for the last six years. Celebrated journalist John Pilger tells the true story here.  Earlier this year,  his contact was cut off from the outside world when Ecuador cut his Internet access under pressure from the United States. He is a danger to the enemies of TRUTH.


Those propagandists who tell you that Julian Assange is in voluntary asylum and could simply walk free are lying to you. That is what they want you to believe. If that were the case, then the Democratic Senators would not be signing letters to Vice President Pence suggesting he pressure Ecuador during his recent visit. 

Julian Assange

The Most Important Truth-Teller of Our Time


See John Pilger's speech at the June 17 action in Sydney to call for Assange's freedom.

As of this writing, the current state of Julian Assange's health is not known. As of this writing, the fate if Julian Assange is unclear. All we are certain of is that both Ecuador and the  United States have vowed to work together to come to some kind of plan for Assange to be brought to justice.


​You can be sure what that plan entails will not work in Assange's favor.

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